I'm a lover of my family who cherishes every smile, laugh, cry, hug, and scream that is shared between myself and the ones that I care about most.

So...why photography?

Since I was a kiddo I've been an artsy and carefree kinda gal that loved to create pieces that reflected who I was. So naturally, motherhood is what swayed this artsy girl to explore photography!

Watching my children grow and change so quickly always made me want to freeze the moments in time which we all know is impossible! Wait...is it totally impossible though?

Then the ah ha moment...POW! BAM! BOOM! Photographing them did, in a sense, create a way for me to always remember them as they once were be it good, bad, or ugly! Knowing how happy the captured memories made me I figured hey...if it made me feel so good why not share the same great feeling with others? I simply wanted to bring smiles to the faces of many through photography.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

(you should have at least smiled after that line)